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The Dreaded Chafe (The DC) – It’s a Sensitive Area

The Dreaded Chafe (The DC) – It’s a Sensitive Area

So, we are now into month two of our bambams journey and hurtling towards Christmas day.  Here in Australia it is really heating up, and even after 8 years in Sydney this London girl will never quite get used to seeing Christmas trees, fairy lights and Father Christmas in 38 degrees overheating in his delightful red suit (when Nat King Cole sang about chestnuts roasting I am really not sure that is what he had in mind)!!

The first 8 weeks have been so amazing, thank you again for all of your support and positive feedback about our bambams.  As I said in my previous blog this has been a very long term dream of mine, and to have so many ladies coming back to me saying that they are finally able to wear their summer skirts and dresses, in comfort, is all I could ever have wished for.  I really have made them with love and also from my personal experience so it means so much.

I also mentioned in my first blog that even though I am a total over sharer with pretty much everything, for some reason having my thighs rubbed raw by the DC (Dreaded Chafe) was not something I really wanted to talk about.  

We recently did our first bambams stall, and whilst in hindsight it was not the right location for us, (every day is a school day right now) it was really interesting seeing women’s responses.  The nervous eye glances and furtive reading of our banner resulted in our little stand being swerved as if we had a radioactive force field around us.  The ladies that did briefly meet my eyes seemed like they were mentally pleading for me not to speak to them in case I might think they may actually need them!!

And I totally get it, I had a number of flyers to hand out, and in the end I put them all back in the box and took them home. The last thing I would ever want to do is make anyone feel bad about themselves, and to be honest I know if I was handed an anti-chafing flyer I probably would have spent the whole day analysing what I was wearing and why someone had given it to me.

So here are some interesting bambam facts:-

Since we started our biggest selling size is the small (currently 14-16)

We have had as many enquiries about smaller sizes (even from a size 8) as we have had from ladies asking for bigger sizes

We have also had many questions from people asking for their husbands and boyfriends, so it is not just a woman’s issue (in fact one of my best male friends wears his sample pair of pink bams under his jeans to walk to work every day and can’t cope without them!)  and we are working on our Boy bams range as I type so stayed tuned!

Basically, if you have a little meat on your thighs, as most adults do, they flipping well rub in the heat and humidity this is not a fat issue just a fact issue and I just want you to be comfortable and enjoy the gorgeous summer days.

Whilst I have mentioned once on my web site the term “chub rub’ (which I kind of had to as this is the most commonly known phrase around this topic) I will never use it again, because I hate it. I think it is a very negative term and for me it just makes me feel horrible.  I don’t even really like the term chafe so if you have any other ways to describe this little treasure of an issue I would love to hear from you!!

So, ladies (and any gentlemen that may be reading) please be assured that you are in the majority.  Having the DC should not make you feel bad, it should not determine how you dress, it is just a result of hot, sticky, busy humid life.

I wish you and all your loved ones a very Happy Christmas, make sure you put your best dress (or skirt) on and accessorise with your bams so you can be sure that even when it gets hot in the kitchen your thighs will never know!!

Lots of love

Kirsty xx