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For many years I have been complaining about the joy that is delightfully called “chub-rub”.  I have searched long and hard for solutions to this problem, the talcum powder, the gels and the ugly underwear with man-made fibres, none of which really worked to address this painful and annoying issue.

After speaking to a number of my friends, I realised that it was such a common problem and they were not only looking for a better solution but also tired of trying their own, such as:

Shapewear underwear – not really a lot of fun having to be squeezed and constricted when it is hot and humid outside

Wearing tights – it is summer and we are supposed to be enjoying getting our legs out not wrapped up and overheating

Wearing cycling shorts – let’s face it they are not exactly designed for the job and will really not make you feel as special as you should

Not wearing skirts or dresses at all in the summer months – well that hardly seems like an ideal solution! We should all be able to wear whatever we like, whenever we like if it makes us feel fantastic

Cheap options that contain only man-made fibres – nothing like adding a non-breathable fabric to the mix when you are trying to keep cool

 About bambams

This product has been developed to give you the most comfortable experience in the heat and to also minimise the common problems that arise from this style of underwear:

The legs rolling up and cutting into your thighs, while you spend your day trying to discreetly pull them down again

The waistband being too thin and digging into you, creating unflattering lines and uncomfortable welts on your skin

Cheap manmade fibres which do not allow your body to breathe and leave you feeling sticky and horrible

Our research and personal experience has enabled us to look at all these areas and create a product for you that will keep you cool and comfortable whatever you wear.

Seam Free

bambams are a virtually seam free garment created to give you an extra smooth look and feel.  The process of manufacturing a garment in this manner means that we have been able to give you a waistband that is slightly deeper for added comfort and does not contain that annoying band of elastic which can twist and turn after wearing. 

Bamboo Fabric 

So it turns out that bamboo is not only a panda’s snack of choice, but over recent years new technologies have been developed to create a fantastic fibre that is perfect for your bambams underwear.  It is not only very soft, resilient and durable, but has been recognised as having a number of natural properties such as:

Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal – bamboo naturally contains strong anti-microbial properties; this is due to it containing a substance called “bamboo kun”. The Japanese Textile Inspection Association found that even after washing a garment multiple times it still retained these properties.  This also makes products made from bamboo better at reducing body odour

Breathable and regulates your body temperature – products made from bamboo are highly breathable which is ideal in hot weather.  Bamboo is naturally cold to the touch, and the fibre contains various micro-gaps and micro-holes that increase ventilation and is ideal in garments worn next to your skin

Moisture wicking – due to both the retention of the bamboo plant’s ability to absorb moisture and the structure of the fibre itself it wicks away moisture from your body and allows your skin to breathe

Ideal for sensitive skin – Bamboo is Hypoallergenic 

Environmentally Friendly Material

Bamboo has many environmental advantages over traditionally used textiles in clothing, such as cotton.

It is a rapidly growing plant, with some shoots growing up to as much as a meter a day!  As bamboo is a member of the grass family the cane can be chopped down and harvested and then produce new shoots ready to be re-harvested in as little as one year.  It can slow deforestation by giving communities the ability to simply selectively harvest annually without the destruction of the grove.

Bamboo plantations minimise C02 and generate up to 35% more oxygen than the equivalent area of trees

Producing bamboo requires minimal irrigation and has the unique ability to be able to conserve water

Two Different Styles and Lengths

We decided to produce two different leg lengths (shorter/longer, with lace/without lace) in order to give you more choice about what you feel would be the most suitable for you.  You may like wearing shorter length skirts and dresses and decide the shorter style would be better for you,  you may be more inclined to a bit of lace with a bit of extra leg coverage or you may decide you need to have both, it is totally up to you.

Easy Up on the Spandex! 

Just to be clear these garments are not shape wear.  Who wants to be jumping up and down to pull on extra tight underwear when it’s already hot!!  Of course, shape wear does an amazing job in the right situation, but often the tightness of the elastic causes the legs to roll up and you can feel like you can’t breathe.

We have added a gentle amount of spandex so that the garments will not fall down mid stride (which you will agree is very important) and they should just mould around your legs. Ideally you should feel like you are not even wearing them.

The lace we have chosen also has a small amount of spandex in it, so this will also stretch gently around your thighs.  

Just the beginning

We have added a small embossed pattern on the garments, and chosen the lace carefully to give them a bit of glamour.  However, this is just the start and as we grow we will be introducing lot of exiting new items to our range.

Let’s face it, is having chafing thighs the most glamorous of subjects?  Of course not, but it is a reality and it can be incredibly painful.  So the way we look at it is let’s try and make them as pretty and comfortable for you as possible.

The bottom line is that they are for all you gorgeous ladies, and we really want your feedback (good or bad) requests for colours, requests for additional sizes etc. and would love to hear from you at bambamsint@gmail.com

We really hope bambams makes your summer months just that bit more special and thank you for visiting our store.