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The beginning of bambams, seam free anti chafing bamboo underwear for women

The beginning of bambams, seam free anti chafing bamboo underwear for women

It has been just over a month since we launched bambams seam free anti chafing bamboo underwear, and we have so appreciated all your support, orders and fantastic feedback, so thank you!

The (seam free) bottom line is that we have made bambams for all you gorgeous ladies, so please keep sharing with us your thoughts, suggestions and any ideas for improvements as we will listen and adapt to your needs where we can.

I am very new to the world of blogging and to be fair I am right now on a bit of a learning curve with Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Snapchat, Facebook and anything else “social” you can think of, but I know the only way I can do this is to be honest and speak from the heart as that is how I always live my life. So whilst I hope that through these blogs you can get to know me, I also would love to hear from you and get to know you all too.

I have wanted to bring this product to you for about 8 years now. The idea came to me when I was walking home from dinner, with my best friend and business partner Adam, on a hot and humid night in Sydney. After a “couple” of jugs of Sangria and a delicious paella, Adam decided it was perfect for a 30 minute walk home, which of course it would have been had I not been in a skirt and already feeling the dreaded chafe.

After about 15 minutes into the walk I was not actually sure how I was going to get myself home as my legs were just so sore. I kept stopping to try and discreetly move my thighs apart, for crying out loud they just needed a bit of air time, but I would not, could not, tell him why I was moving at a snail’s pace! I tell Adam pretty much everything, but for some reason this was just not a line I wanted to cross, such is the unspoken rule of the chafe. The next morning in the shower my legs were burning and I was left with a painful rash for about 3 days, glamorous huh!

Anyway, I started to think about what I needed, what would work and what I would feel comfortable wearing, and since that time bambams has been on my mind. I wanted a light, breathable, comfortable, non squishy/suck the air out of your lungs underwear that actually looked OK when I was wearing it, and I believe we have been able to deliver that for you.

There have been so many light bulb moments for me during this process, firstly it has been a real test of my confidence, just being brave enough to get this thing started was a big one!

But I also feel like I have exposed my greatest shame, that I am not the stick thin size ten that I always longed to be. Clearly, anyone who meets me can see that, but announcing to the world that I am not the media’s, and to some extent my, perception of perfect has been very confronting.

So, let me tell you that is my butt large as life on the bambam’s website! I decided to bite the bullet and do the photo shoot myself. As I am the sort of person who you will always find at the back of every group shot with just my head sticking out, or when a camera is being pointed at me will make sure I get full editing rights to delete any picture in which I have more than one chin, you can appreciate it was not my idea of a good afternoon.

After being greeted by a very handsome photographer, in his twenties, who is normally photographing Alex Perry models and the like, all I wanted to do was shake his hand and say “sorry not today!” but such is my belief in bambams I had to go into a cupboard (yes a cupboard, seriously that gig is not as glamorous as you might think) and get my kit off!

He pulled me into all sorts of positions, click click click and then after each shoot I had to review the images, I would say head on but really it was bum on and discuss which ones we could use.

Thanks to his amazing personality he actually managed to put me at ease.

As I left he said two things that really stood out to me, firstly, he said that plus sized models were never really “plus size” that they were just larger shaped ladies (size 12 to 14) and that due to the fact that to be tall, toned, photographic and a slightly bigger size than a “normal” industry sized model they are actually pretty hard to find and very in demand. I will talk more about my new experiences with “plus size” in the media another time

Secondly, and most importantly, he told me that the last two shoots he had done had been with some pretty rude people, that he had loved spending time with me and had really enjoyed our shoot far more.

It’s good to be reminded, that even through the eye of a lens (and a gorgeous photographer) that people do see more than just the shape of your butt or the size your thighs and that actually they really do see what you put out there.

So I say we put on our bambams, get our best dresses on and stop “sweating” the small stuff!

Thank you again, I look forward to getting to know you all, and this really is just the beginning of bambams xxx